Trendy Fall Outfits on A Budget

Trendy Fall Outfits on a Budget These days I'm watching my budget a little more and that means I can't splurge on new clothes (not like I ever had, but I'm def more conscious of it right now). So why not share some trendy fall outfits you can buy on a budget! Even though we … Continue reading Trendy Fall Outfits on A Budget

Luxe Swimwear

One One Swimwear - A luxury Brand As a lot of you ladies know, while I was in Tulum, Mexico I was wearing a lot of One One Swimwear pieces. Recently, I had been having a lot of trouble finding bikinis that I love online. The second I came across One One Swimwear, I knew … Continue reading Luxe Swimwear

How I Take My Pictures When I Travel

Guys, for those of you following me along on insta you know that I have just landed back in the US not even 24 hours ago and more on that to come… One of the BIG QUESTIONS I get is who takes all of my pictures and I want to share my tricks with YOU!  … Continue reading How I Take My Pictures When I Travel

Chlorophyll- My New Obsession

Ummm.. ok so hear me out.. Chlorophyll. Yes, the stuff that is in plants. About two months ago, one of my favorite travel bloggers, Travel In Her Shoes, posted about a plant based skin care regimen from Bio Clarity. Being super curious, I ordered the skin care product right away. I thought 'why not try … Continue reading Chlorophyll- My New Obsession