I Overcommitted, Now What?

#Truth behind blogging is that as a one man brand, you wear multiple different hats. You are your content creator, editor, planner, trip advisor, negotiator and sales woman all at the same time.


January came along and I hit the floor running. I had just come back from Mexico, had several photos to go through and edit, my engagement was at an all time high and then BAM. Life hit. The 7-4:30 job that I work every single day of the week, the exhaustion and the stress of needing to keep up my engagement and not let down on my posts. Knowing I would be able to make some extra side money, I accepted A LOT of campaigns that I thought I could deliver on. They were with brands that I had seen other influencers work with and I thought, cool.

Fast forward, a month and the sky was grey, I had no motivation and I was not traveling or going anywhere inspiring. My collaborations sat in a box, A BOX! This is work! But I kept putting it off because I was so unmotivated and had so many collaborations that I could not deliver on because I hated the way the pictures were coming out with the grey, Northeastern skies (that just isn’t my type of theme).

While, these were three stressful months of content I did not love, messing around with my IG theme I learned a valuable lesson. PLAN YOUR COLLABORATIONS! While it might seem exciting to just accept the money and think “OMG this is so cool I can get paid for creating content”, make sure it fits your brand and you are in the environment that fits your brand as well (this will be a whole other blog post).

How I am re-committing to commitment and I recommend that you do too


No, not like a juice cleanse, a life cleanse. That might be a little aggressive considering how broad it is but I am trying to detoxify my life of all the overcommitment and clutter.

Starting off by detoxifying my IG account (as this is my main social media platform). I was following SO many accounts I mean to the point of annoyance and STRESS. Why should social media STRESS ME OUT. I created my brand as a creative outlet to destress myself. So I took the initiative and filtered who I was following. I only want positive vibes being filtered into my mind so all the excess photos of peoples travels, or boyfriends, or shakes…HAD TO GO.

Yes, I love traveling so I love seeing the pictures and adding places to a bucket list, but it was getting to the point of EVERYONE was posting ‘blogger photos’ – I mean perfectly curated. It was slightly sickening.

I am taking this time (if you follow me on IG you will notice I have not been super active) to clear out space and make room for future adventures and future success.

“Sometimes you need to take a break from all the noise to appreciate the silence”


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